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Maud - Store Designer at Scotch & Soda
“With every store, we always try to test out new ideas and do something unique.”

Store Designer - Maud

Maud designs the interior plans for every new Scotch & Soda store. First, she takes an empty space in a street, shopping mall or shop-in-shop. Then, she makes a 2D sketch, then a 3D version, before choosing details like flooring, fixtures and colour palettes. She works to shape the in-store experience of the consumer, overseeing everything from the mapping of walking paths to the placement of cash desks and fitting rooms.

“Every Scotch & Soda store is different. Locations vary in terms of size, cultural factors and even heritage considerations, so each store has its own individual set of needs. With every store, we always try to test out new ideas and do something unique. We get to design the facade I too, which is always a nice little architectural project. The store in Stockholm was one of the first stores I designed myself. We also design a lot of non-European stores, so turning up to see the end result in person after working from a map is always amazing. It’s a very collaborative job. You need to be able to have good, constructive discussions with partners, suppliers and colleagues to get the best result.”

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